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زندگی‌نامه: Description
Outdoor Custom Printing Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Skydancer Air Dancer.
Air Dancer Blower Fan is perfect for trade shows, event, festival and large gathering mobile advertising.
Two legged air dancer is good for sidewalk advertising, sale and promotion engagement opportunities, and more. Custom printing with your brand or company logo anywhere on the body of the Air Dancer Blower Fan to get a full
Product Description
BrandOEM is available
SizeHeight /7m/8m/9m or custom size
Material210D oxford, PVC coated nylon
Stylesingle-legged or two legged Air Dancer Blower Fan or custom style
ShapeTube man or any custom shape
PrintingUV printing, digital printing
ColorAs custom logo or artwork
DesignFree artwork for Air Dancer Blower Fan
BlowerAC85-265V with safty plug
MOQ1 piece Air Dancer Blower Fan
AccessoriesAir Dancer Blower Fan, blower, carry bag
Quality Control1. High quality UV printing, digital printing
2. Easy set up and deflate.
3. Safe blower with test
Applicable scenePromotion / exhibition / temporary chamber / sports & entertainment / leisure tourism
DeliveryBy Express, Air or Sea
Produce time5-20 days depending on order quantity
There are some popular styles for your reference
Color and product package
We have many different nylon material colors for chosing. The color is bright and material is durable.
Each set of inflatable air dancer included printed air dancer, air blower with safety plug and carrying bag.
How to install and use it
Step 1: Take the Air Dancer and blower out and lay out on the ground.
Step 2: Snuggly attach Air Dancer around the stick tape mounts on blower
Step 3: Make sure locked and blower is placed on a stable, dry surface.
Step 4: Plug blower in to a standard outlet, Blower comes with correct electrical cord.
Step 5: Turn power switch on. Adjust speed of blower using 1 of 3 speed settings.
The speed setting will affect how much your Air Dancer moves.
Step 6: Step back and watch your Air Dancer grab everyone's attention.
We have the following shipping methods
1. Express delivery (DHL TNT UPS Fedex ..) Home delivery, fast time, very convenient!
2. Air transportation (After arriving at the designated airport, the customer will clear customer take goods on their own, the cost will be lower than the express delivery)
3. By sea (suitable for large cargo, although long-term, but cheap)
4. Railway transportation (very suitable for European countries, faster than sea shipping, can be sent to the door)
Usually we will be based on the customer's address, & good's packing ,will give good advice and best cost !Inflatable Air Dancer manufacturers
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