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زندگی‌نامه: Our History
1.The company was founded in 1991, and its predecessor was a non-woven fabric factory. Because of its rich operating experience, it has a unique understanding of machine design and began to manufacture its own machines.
2.In 1997, through continuous accumulation of experience and continuous updating of equipment, machines began to occupy the domestic market.
3.In 2003, the company established its own foreign trade department to actively serve foreign markets.
4.In 2011, in order to reduce the customer鈥檚 installation cost, we started to test the machine before shipment.
5.In 2014, an after-sales team was established to be responsible for customer installation follow-up and machine maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
6.In 2017, in order to further reduce the cost of customers, we will provide some free spare parts.
7.In 2021, in order to further serve customers and open up the Chinese market, we have provided information consulting services to help customers find the right machine in good price.
8.In the future, we will always forge ahead, insist on innovation, and provide customers with the best quality machine, and welcome everyone to come and guide.
Our Factory
1.The company is located at No. 78 Xiansheng Road, Xianyan Industrial Zone, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 35,000 square meters.
2.The responsibilities of each department of the company are clearly divided into office area, raw material warehouse, processing area, machine test area, R&D center, etc.
3.The company is close to Wenzhou Longwan Airport and Wenzhou Nandong Station, with convenient transportation, almost half an hour鈥檚 drive
Our Product
The company provides different types of non-woven fabric making machine, coating machine, composite machine, packaging machine,plastic sheet extrusion machine,plastic pipe extrusion machine, information consulting services and etc.
Product Application
The products have a wide range of applications, covering clothing, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, catering, transportation, construction, technical services and other industries
Our Certificate
1.Business License
2.CE certification
3.9001 quality certification
4.14001 Environmental Certification
5.45001 Occupational Health Certification
Production Equipment
1.Embroidery backing paper machine
2.Thermal bonded non woven fabric machine
3.Chemical bonded non woven fabric machine
4.Spray bonded polyester wadding machine
5.Melt blown non woven fabric machine
6.Spun bonded non woven fabric machine
7.Interlining coating machine
8.Needle punched non woven fabric machine
9.Granules extrusion machine
10.Plastic sheet extrusion machine
11.Plastic pipe extrusion machine
12.Package machine
Production Market
1.The company began to produce the machine that belong to non woven fabric machine , and the main markets are Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.
2.Through continuous technological innovation, the company added packaging machine and plastic extrusion machine on the original basis, and the target market began to shift to North America and Europe.
3.Up to now, the company has exported and installed hundreds of production lines, and we will continue to provide customers with the highest quality machine.
Our Service
1.Let customers know all the details related to the machine and the transaction.
2.Provide professional advice for each customer's problem, and consult the designated port's shipping and other related costs, let customers know every detail before placing an order.
3.We are all thinking about our customers. Through customer visits, telephone calls and faxes, we let customers understand our company's product functions and service functions, grasp the current situation and needs of customers as much as possible, rationally use resources to guide customers, conduct feasibility analysis and according to customer needs and investment plan to provide the best machine configuration.

After-sales service:
1.Machines can be installed by the customer. If you need an overseas engineer, please inform us early. Customers are required to pay for round-trip air ticket,accommodation,and the necessary service fees.
2.Any part proves that the process material is defective will be provided free of charge for one year from the date of original purchase. This warranty is void if the device is misused or negligent. Labor or other related fees are not included.
3.We provide free installation, commissioning and training for our customers.
4.Before shipment, a thorough and rigorous inspection must be carried out to ensure that each component is in good condition.
5.Carefully pack all the machines according to the different loading methods.
6.Cooperate with professional shipping companies to ensure transportation time and ensure that the destination port is no longer charged.
7.Provide detailed user manual and troubleshooting diagram, including how to use and maintain the machine correctly.
8.Provide customers with free warranty and maintenance within the contracted time limit and within the scope of repair.
9.We regularly visit customers to help solve problems and requirements when users use the machine.
10.Provide customers with the latest information on the use of technology for free.Customized Non Woven Fabric Making Machine
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