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زندگی‌نامه: 3 ply face mask machine is composed of one set of feeding machine, one set of planar face panel making machine. When you loaded your 3 rolls of non-woven fabric, the entire roll of fabric will automatically unrolled and at the same time, the fabric automatically folded and wrapped. Nose bridge rolls unrolled by traction. Cut and import into the hemmed fabric, both sides are welded to seal by ultrasonic welding, and then through the ultrasonic side seal. It is cut and shaped by a cutter. The production output of this machine around 150-180pcs/min.
The earloop face mask machine has high efficiency and less waste, which steadily speeds up the collection and conveying of the mask body. The rack and forming system matching nose bridge insert and ear loop welding machine can make up a complete processing line, which improves productivity and benefit to create greater profits.
Surgical face mask making machines features:
1. Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure the tension balance of raw materials.
2. Computer program control, high output, good stability, low failure rate.
3. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.
4. It can produce one to four layers of mask body.
5. This semi automatic face mask making machine has the function of total count and batch count. The number of batch count can be set arbitrarily.
6. Changing the mold can produce different sizes and styles of masks.
7. The whole mask making machine disposable face is made of aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and solid. Mechanical adjustable part: folding part can be adjusted; pattern of welding joint of mask body can be specified or designed by customers; mechanical mask can be made of 1-4 layers of cloth (active carbon material can be added in the middle).
Whether the mask produced by this machine is medical or not has nothing to do with the machine. As long as the mask is sterilized, the mask produced by this machine can be used as surgical mask.
Product details锛?/strong>
Product structure
1. Cutting roller
We use the chrome steel to cover the rubber roller both sides .So that the rubber is not crack from side after extended periods use.
2. Traction roller
We use the silicone rubber materials instead of the butyronitrile materials .The silicone rubber materials is good abrasion
resistance and will not crack
3. Mask nose strip tension controller
We use Mask nose strip tension controller .This device can avoid the nose strip differ in length .
4. Nose strip straight- feeding device
We use Nose strip straight- feeding device , It can ensure the nose strip be feeded straightly in the processing, so the finished
mask will be flat and artistic.
5. Non woven raw materials sensors
We use Non woven raw materials sensors,once the raw materials use up,machine will stop automatically
6. Raw materials tension controller 1
We use the Raw materials tension controller to avoid the materials plugging .
7. Raw materials tension controller 2
Our machine is equipped with two braking ways . One is belts pressing and another is screw fixing . You could choose either one or use both according to your need.
8. Raw materials EPC device
We use raw materials EPC device ,to do materials adjustment.
9. Machine door lock
We just door lock ,with out the key,worker can not start the machine.
10. Machine body and materials feeding connect board,We connect Machine body and material feeding frame with connecting boards,so that the running of whole machine will be very
11. Electrostatic eliminator
In our machine we have one electrostatic eliminator . to eliminate non woven mask surface static.
12. Machine motor
Our geared motor is new type and no need refuel.
We install the fan near the ultrasonic horn ,to Lower the horn temperatures,to to extend ultrasonic life
Packaging: Wooden box
Shipping: Sea transportation, Air transportation, Train transportationcheap Disposable Face Mask Machine
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