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زندگی‌نامه: Activated carbon has been popping up in consumer goods for a few years now, and can be found in everything from the practical (toothpaste) to the preposterous (ice cream). One place you鈥檒l see activated carbon is in air purifiers; it鈥檚 added as an extra step in addition to other filtration methods such as high-efficiency particulate air filters, better known as HEPA. If you鈥檙e looking to fight pollutants, irritants and allergens in your home, looking for a purifier that includes an activated carbon layer is a great way to trap more irritants.
Rated voltage220V/50Hzrated power锛?05W
noise25-55dB(A)product materialABS
MotorShibaura Brushless DCControl methodButton + remote control + timing
Air volume1200m鲁/hApplicable volume锛?20m鲁
Product Size370*400*796mmweight19kg
Third-party test data
H1N1 flu virus30min killing rate>99.9%Natural airborne bacteria>95%
Staphylococcus albicans
Escherichia coli>99.99%
Serratia marcescens
TVOC>98%Particulates CADR
1115.5 m鲁/h
UV intensity32692 渭W/c銕?/p>Ozone leakage<0.003mg/m鲁
UV leakage0 g/m鲁TVOC leakage<0.01 mg/m鲁
PM10 leakage<0.001 mg/m鲁Standby power1.2W
particulate efficiency13.94 m鲁/(W-h)Noise25 鈥?nbsp;55dB(A)
Are There Side Effects to an Air Purifier?
Generally speaking, there are no side effects. However, there are a few purifiers on the market that use electrostatic precipitators and ionizers; these *may* emit small levels of ozone. Before buying an air purifier, make sure to check the product specifications.
How Do I Know if My Air Purifier Is Working?
Allergies acting up? That could be a sign that your air purifier isn鈥檛 working at full speed.
Check the assembly for any dust or dirt in the pre-filter after cleaning it. If you don鈥檛 see anything obvious that could be causing a problem, that may be a sign that there鈥檚 a more significant issue with your air purifier. For a clearer understanding of its effectiveness, you may need an air quality monitor.
The lifespan of an the filters varies, depending on where you live and the frequency of use. In reality, there is no 鈥渙ne size fits all鈥?when it comes to knowing when to replace an air purifier. We've put together a simple tutorial that will help you determine if you're air purifier is working properly: Air Purifiers factory
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