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محل زندگی: zhejianng
زندگی‌نامه: Pouch Size60mm*80mm(Min.) 180mm*310mm(Max.)
Filling Capacity1200mL
Packaging Speed30-60ppm
Air Consumption200NL/min
Machine Dimensions1900mm(L) * 970mm(W) *1390mm(H)
FunctionFlat Pouch, Doy Pack, Zipper
The filling system is just for your reference. We will offer you best solution according to your product mobility, viscosity, density, volume, dimensions etc.
A.Powder Packing Solution
Servo Screw Auger Filler is specialized for powder filling such as nutrients powder, seasoning powder, flour, medicinal powder etc
B.Liquid Packing Solution
Piston Pump Filler is specialized for liquid filling such as water, juice, laundry detergent, ketchup etc.
C.Solid Packing Solution
Combination multi-head weigher is specialized for solid filling such as candy, nuts, pasta, dried fruit and vegetable etc.
D.Granule Packing Solution
Volumetric Cup Filler is specialized for granule filling such as chemical, beans, salt, seasonings etc.Stand Up Pouch Packing Machine
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