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زندگی‌نامه: S138
Click RGB Optical Gaming Keyboard
Click RGB Optical Gaming Keyboard has different customizable color options and schemes. Change the color and effect to match battle intensity during game play or to represent your squad, guild, or clan. The intuitive design incorporates easily adjustable dimming and brightening options so the clear and vivid illumination won't distract from your gaming experience.
1. Lightning fast: Light strike technology gives you a true competitive edge with optical detection for keys that react at light speed.
2. Battle tested durability: The keyboard provide a lightweight frame that is smudge- and fingerprint-resistant. This keyboard has been engineered to withstand over 80 million keystrokes per switch, with a stabilizing bar that reinforces every key for tighter control and a premium, uniform key feel.
3. Kailh Switch: Fully mechanical keyboard with kailh switches and impressive rating, the crisp tactile clickiness, and Kailh switches provide the ultimate protection from dust and moisture.
4. Water resistant & digital sensors: Water-resistant barrier, and strategic drainage holes design. This keyboard is well designed to ensure you're never out of the fight when accidents happen.
5. RGB backlighting effects: Switch between 3 default RGB LED backlighting animations or download our exclusive software for 16.8 million customizable color options and schemes.
SwitchKailh SwitchCurrent< 250mA
Key Life鈮?50 MillionTypeWired Optical
BacklightRGBCable1.6m (Braid Cable With Gold-Plated Connector)
Keys Section3 Sections (104 Keys)Customized Item Or NoYes.Mechanical Keyboard factory
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