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زندگی‌نامه: Our History
Qingdao Hongzhiyuan Metal Products Co. Ltd. is a large manufacturer specializing in stainless steel production, is a famous large manufacturer in the region, stainless steel coverage, in the automotive, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, hardware and other industries are widely used, At present, stainless steel has sold well all over the country. The price of stainless steel is reasonable and fair. It is a relatively reasonable market quotation. Its product performance is superior and it is deeply loved by consumers. The company supplies various types of products to the market every year, and it also distributes products every year. Can meet the market demand, if you need to call us, contact: 13730912617 MIR.

Product Application
Hardware Casting accessories refers to the use of hardware made of machine parts or components, as well as some small hardware products. It can be used alone or as an assistive appliance. For example, hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, building hardware and security supplies. Small hardware products are mostly not final consumer goods. But as a supporting product for industrial manufacturing, semi-finished products and tools used in the production process, and so on.
Only a small part of daily hardware products (accessories) is a necessary tool for people's lives consumer goods. Our company is a professional manufacturer of metal casting accessories, has many years of experience in the production of metal casting accessories, the production of metal casting accessories surface smooth, high precision, no hair edge, no pores, no shrinkage, has won the praise of our customers and patronage, in the community to establish a good reputation and dedication to the general customer service.Lifter Hook factory
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