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زندگی‌نامه: Zinc Selenide has great transmittance through the band 0.5-22μm, especially at 10.6μm, and is commonly used in thermal imaging and FLIR systems, also its outstanding low absorption coefficient and high resistance to thermal shock makes it an ideal choice for high power CO2 laser applications. For laser ZnSe components please browse our Laser Optics category for more information.
Since Zinc Selenide is a relatively soft material that scratches and digs can be easily remained on the surfaces during processing flow, it is not recommended for use within harsh environments, BR’s advanced manufacturing techniques for ZnSe ensure superior surface quality compared to our competitors. For cosmetic sensitive systems, our best effort can reach 20-10 in S/D grade. ZnSe aspheric lenses are also available for your application; please refer toIR Aspheric Lenses for more information. ZnSe Dome optics are also available in our dome category.
Our ZnSe lenses are also available with AR coating according to specific requirement. Please take great care when handling, mounting and cleaning ZnSe lenses, further, For your safety, please follow all proper precautions, including wearing gloves when handling these lenses and thoroughly washing your hands afterward.
ZnSe Refractive Index vs. Wavelength
Wavelength (µm)IndexWavelength (µm)Index
Diameter Tolerance(mm)+0/-0.20+0/-0.10+0/-0.025
Center Thickness(mm)±0.20±0.15±0.10
Radius (%)±2%±1.5%±1%
Focal Length Tolerance (%)<3%<3%<1%
Figure Tolerance in λ(Pow/irreg)5 - 22 - 1/21 - 1/4
Centration (Arc min)5'3'1'
Coating (R% avg)<1.5% @ 3~5µm or 8~12µm
MaterialsCVD Zinc SelenideInfrared Material suppliers
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