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زندگی‌نامه: Jiangsu Coolgen Power Equipment Co.,Ltd. Is a joint-stock company approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and Environmental Protection Agency, which is affiliated with Hongkong Coolgen Power Group Co.,Ltd. Coolgen company established in 2009, located in Daqiao Industry Area, Yangzhou city. Coolgen is specialized in gas and diesel genset research and development, production ,sales and service. Coolgen obtained ISO9001:2008, ISO14000, 11 patent and CE certificates.
Coolgen products are mainly used in the market of emergency power supply as well as marine and oil field markets. For many years we have supplied all kinds of gensets which widely used in petrochemical sector, expressway, bank and so on.
The genset brands includes Cummins, MTU, Perkins,Volvo, Doosan, Shangchai and etc. Genset unit power can be from 3.75Kva to 6250Kva. Coolgen has automatic NC machine, laser cutting , powder coating and other advanced production and test equipment. Our vision is to offer the most reliable power supply to our clients.
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