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محل زندگی: http://www.acrel-global.com/pv-solar-inverter-energy-meter/
زندگی‌نامه: PV/Solar Inverter Energy Meter manufacturers DescriptionOur Solar System Meters, also called pyranometers, are devices used to measure the solar radiation flux density, or the kilowatt-hours produced by photovoltaic systems. By collecting photovoltaic power generation and local energy consumption, they can monitor and analyze the overall performance of photovoltaic power plants. During use, they ensure that your solar installation is grid-compatible, harmless, and requires no frequent maintenance, thus saving you effort and maintenance costs. Our Solar System Meters connect your solar system to your city's grid, feeding energy back to the grid during the day, and at night or on cloudy days, it can take the energy you need from the city's grid to provide your local community Dramatically reduce electricity costs. Their greatest benefits are sensitive detection, ease of use and low maintenance costs. Due to their stable performance, they can not only save energy, but also help the grid supply power, and they are popular in the market with stable quality. ParameterMeter Electrical ServiceUnits AGF-AE-D/100AGF-AE-D/200 Rated Voltage-LinetoN120V Rated Voltage-Lineto Line208/240V Extended Voltage Range88%~110% AC Frequency60Hz Grids SupportedL1/L2/N/PE Power Consumption1.2W Communication Meter Communication InterfacesRS 485 Response Time鈮?S Meter Accuracy Rated RMS current100200A 1%-100% of CT Current卤0.5卤0.5% Current Transformers Number of Supplied Current Transformers2 DimensionsI.D:15O.D:3570.5脳54.5脳39(H脳W脳D)mm Standard Compliance SafetyUL1741 Installation Specifications Dimensions(H脳W脳D)54.1脳87.8脳52mm Weight0.2kg Operating Temperature Range-30~55鈩?/p> Relative Humidity(non condensing)5-90% Mounting TypeDIN-Rail, 35mm Accuracy AGF-AE-D/100: 100A AGF-AE-D/200: 200A Frequency 60Hz Power Supply(self supply) AC85锝?65V or DC100锝?50V; power consumption 鈮?0VA Input consumption less than 0.2VA Input consumption Less than 0.2VA Dimension(L*W*H) 54.1*87.8*52mm Installation DIN 35 mm Our PV/Solar Inverter Energy Meter in single inverter system, the meter is connected directly to the inverter. If the inverter has a built-in revenue grade meter (RGM; the inverter is referred to a revenue grade inverter), our customers can connect an external meter on the same bus as the RGM. Appearance FunctionTypeFunction Description AGF-AE-D/1001. Power control for photovoltaic / energy storage system 2. Full power measurement, high-speed data refresh 3. Din Rail installed 4. Easy install by 2 external split core current transformers 0-100A AGF-AE-D/2001. Power control for photovoltaic / energy storage system 2. Full power measurement,high speed data refresh 3. Din rail installed 4. Easy install by 2 external split core current transformers 0-200A * Single phase 2 channel 3 wire * Rated voltage AC 120V/208V,240V(88%~110%)*Rated current:AC 100A * Rated frequency:60HZ * Communication:RS485,SunSpec protocol * UL1741 installed in the output of inverters, converters, controllers and interconnection system equipment for use with distributed energy resources Wiring & Installation (35mm Din Rail Install) Install the CTs1. Turn off AC power before clamping on current transformers. 2. Install the CTs around the conductor to be measured. Split-core CTs can beopened for 3 installations around aconductor. Anylon cable tie may be secured around the CT top prevent accidental opening. 3. Install the CT with the arrow pointing to the grid for consumption or export measurement. If you are connecting the meter to the inverter, Refer to the connection diagram. The current transformer is packed together with the meter. Dimensions QuotationPV/Solar Inverter Energy Meter manufacturers website:http://www.acrel-global.com/pv-solar-inverter-energy-meter/
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