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زندگی‌نامه: EBJ-200R Bridge Expansion Joint Binder
Expansion gaps are provided to allow movement of the structure. Expansion joints allow movement while providing a running surface for the traffic. Without allowance for expansion and contraction the deck ends would be damaged by the movement.
Bridge expansion joint is a mixture of single sized stone and polymer modified binder. The combination of single sized stone and flexible binder gives bridge expansion joint both stability to traffic loads and flexibility to accommodate bridge movements. The stability of the stone matrix is optimized at 25% binder.
1. Movements accommodation up to +/- 25mm horizontal and +/- 3mm vertical.
2. Completely seals the expansion gap to prevent ingress of matter. Completely watertight.
3. Provides excellent ride quality for the traffic as there is no gap at surface level. Traffic passing over the joint does not generate noise.
4. Being integral and flush with the road surface it spans the gap and supports the traffic passing over the gap.
5. Bridge expansion joint system can be installed quickly because it is a hot applied system.
GeneralEBJ-200R bridge expansion joint binder is a kind of macromolecular polymer modified asphalt joint binder developed by our company, which is a patented material from our company. As a kind of hot applied binder with nice flow-ability, adhesion and temperature adaptability, it鈥檚 a black solid block at the normal temperature. It can well combine with the concrete and asphalt pavement and form a smooth, waterproof and dustproof surface.
ApplicationsIt鈥檚 widely applied to highway bridge, city overpass and viaduct bridge with joint under 50 mm, tropical and subtropical regions, bridge expansion joint design for under 50 mm, expansion joints installation repair, etc.
Apply methodEBJ-200R bridge expansion joint seams material USES the hot melt kettle for heating, hot melt kettle should be able to continuous stirring and install atemrange, is with the selectionsion-joint/
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