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زندگی‌نامه: We strive to reduce the cost of our Electronic Axle Gravure Printing Machine in the hope of bringing maximum benefits and profit margins to our customers and consumers. In the development environment where opportunities and risks coexist, our company further strengthens brand awareness and implements systematic brand strategy. Since the establishment of our company, we have been adhering to the international innovation concept in manufacturing, management and design, providing services for many well-known partners. We operate with a strong modern consciousness, pursuing honest risks and innovative performance.
Electronic axle gravure printing machine incorporates a series of latest technologies designed to increase printing speed and printing quality in practical applications. It has an electronic axis-driven automatic overprinting without compensation roller, which not only has high rigidity but also has a high degree of precision and flexibility. This configuration can effectively help simplify the traditional printing process and provide precise tension control, which can accelerate the printing speed and improve the yield of finished products.
In addition to the above advantages, this electronic axle gravure printing machine also adopts the technology of high-precision preset plate. The built-in high-efficiency electric heating tube has excellent energy-saving performance, it saves 25% energy than the ordinary electric heating tube, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the machine. The machine can also realize automatic rewinding without speed for ordinary printing, which can not only help reduce material waste but also avoid unexpected machine failures. The drying properties of this product are also extremely high, making it ideal for small processing plants.
Size600 series800 series1000 series
Colors3-8 colors3-8 colors3-8 colors
Material Width640mm840mm1040mm
Material Dia.800mm1000mm1050mm
Printing width620mm820mm1020mm
Version of tube Dia.120-280mm
Max. Speed280m/min (Max. Mechanical speed:320m/min,Version of tube Dia.>170mm)
Overprint precision鈮ぢ?.05mm(including the deceleration)
Version SystemDomestic electronic shaft or German BST Eltronat automatic color system
Printing main driveGermany Siemens or Schneider or Rexroth servo drive
The whole systemSiemens PLC and HM interface
Drying methodsHot air heating(Eletronic/steam/Oil also can be chosen)
TensionImported servo motor control(unwind and rewind variable frequency motor) and floating roller tension control
Power of each drive motor4KW5KW
Heating power (five colors)300KW350KW
Machine weight (five colors)36000KGS50000KGS
Exterior Size (five colors)18800脳3400脳3800mm18800脳3600脳3800mm
1. Warranty period 锛歰ne year
2. After the equipment is sold, special personnel will be sent to install and debug the equipment until it passes acceptance.锛圫pecial treatment during the coronavirus锛?/p>
3. Provide lifelong spare parts and free technical consultation.
4. Waiver of warranty
Q: Web diameter?
A: 800mm,1000mm1050mm
Q: Material ?
A: 鈼?cigarette tipping paper
聽聽聽聽鈼?tobacco logo (soft cigarette case only)
聽聽聽聽鈼?mouth sealing paper( soft cigarette case only)
聽聽聽聽鈼?and other thin paper.
Q: Accuracy of tension control?
A: 卤0.5Kg
Company :Haining Tengda Machinery Co.,LTD.
Add.:117 Shuang Lian Road, Economic Development Zone, Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China,314400
Contact 1: Lucy
Position: Exporting Manager
Tel.: +8618768320055
Contact 2: Jason
Position: General Manager
Tel.: +8613606736209Printing Machine
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