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زندگی‌نامه: Discount Portable Ink Jet Printer Brief Introduction Compared with various large laser marking machines, Handheld Batch Printer can print flexibly, and has the characteristics of portability and simple operation. Because of its smaller shape, it has a convenient operation mode. It can print clear trademarks, words, patterns, numbers, color codes, and other information on various products and from various angles. At the same time, the hand-held operation mode makes the operating device light and practical, which can ensure that the printing of fonts is uniform and beautiful at different moving speeds. The use of a color touch screen greatly simplifies the operation, and what you see on the screen is what you get. In addition, it can operate independently without connecting to a computer. You can use it in different scenarios. Features 1. Handheld Batch Printer can adjust and select the printing content through touch settings or external USB flash drives, which is very convenient. 2. If you combine this product with photoelectric equipment and an assembly line device, it can realize automatic and continuous code printing and greatly improve printing efficiency. 3. The powerful quad-core processor can ensure that the inkjet printer can work smoothly and stably for a long time 4. The high-definition printing of 200DPI can make the ink jet not easy to fade. The selected ink can not only dry quickly but also keep stable under high or low temperature. Data specification Product Name:聽Handheld Batch Printer 1.Print Resolution:聽 200 DPI 2.Print Fonts:聽 High Resolution Printing Fonts 3.Languages : English and National Chinese library Grade 1 & Grade 2, PingYing Input Method. 4.Printing symbols: Can print logos & pictures, the length unlimited. 5.Printing lines: up to 15 lines 6.Printing character height: from 1mm to18mm 7.Automatic Printing: Date, Time, Lot No, Shift No, Serial No. Ect 8.Message Memory: can save huge amounts of information 9.Text Length: Max. 200 characters per message 10.Serial No: 1-9 variable sequential numbers. 11.Ink colors: Black, Red, White. 12.Printing direction : Could print at any angles . 13.Printing material: porous and non-porous materials. 14.Applicable products :聽 Beverage, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Printer photos 聽聽 Ink cartridge photos 聽Discount Portable Ink Jet Printer website:http://www.bestjetprinters.com/portable-ink-jet-printer/
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