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زندگی‌نامه: wholesale Hollow Plastic Flashboard Our Factory Jiangsu Billionpraise Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of high-precision stainless steel materials. Located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, the largest stainless steel distribution center in China. The processing workshop of the factory covers an area of 20000 square meters, with 130 employees and 30 senior technicians. There are many sets of professional production equipment for precision stainless steel, such as imported SENDZIMIR 20-roll precision cold rolling mill, vertical brilliant annealing line imported from Japan, horizontal annealing line imported from Japan, leveling and tempering machine, tension leveller imported from France, etc. In order to meet the needs of downstream industries, it is equipped with several sets of equipment, such as large stainless steel slitting machine, small stainless steel slitting machine, stainless steel slitting machine, stainless steel flat cutting machine, etc. At present, it mainly produces 201 stainless steel, 301 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel L, 310S stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 430 stainless steel, 445 stainless steel, 436D and other stainless steel grades. The main surface: BA/2BB/2B/NO 4. Width: 1000-1300mm. Soft, hard and superhard precision cold-rolled stainless steel strip, steel plate and steel coil with thickness of 0.03 mm~2.0 mm can also be customized for stainless steel products with different thickness and width according to demand, with an annual capacity of about 120000 tons. Jiangsu Billionpraise Technology Co., Ltd. has ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001 and other certifications. Its products comply with ASTM, AISI, JIS and other international standards, and are widely used in household appliances, kitchen equipment, medical devices, metal hoses, computer accessories, mobile phone parts, auto parts and other fields. Advanced equipment, high-quality technology and perfect management system have the same quality level as that of large steel mills in the same field. It integrates the rolling and rolling capacity of the steel mill and the processing and distribution capacity of the steel coil. It has a high degree of mobility. It can provide various product combinations of stainless steel users and provide various stainless steel processing products to meet the needs of different customers for stainless steel. Our History 2022 In 2022, the new plant will cover an area of 30 mu, with an annual capacity of about 120000 tons, equipped with world-class main equipment, imported precision rolling mill and annealing furnace. 2020 In 2020, the second phase of Jiangsu Billionpraise Technology Co., Ltd. will be completed. After the completion of the second phase, it covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, mainly producing 300 stainless steel, 400 stainless steel series and other corresponding brand thickness of 0.05mm~1.0mm, soft, hard and superhard precision cold-rolled stainless steel coil, with an annual capacity of about 100000 tons. 2019 In 2019,Jiangsu Billionpraise Technology Co., Ltd. was honored as one of the top 50 high-tech zones in Wuxi, Jiangsu. 2018 In 2018, a full set of production lines will be equipped and a large service center will be established to meet the company's increasing customer needs. 2015 In 2015, the government of Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology awarded Billionpraise Technology Co., Ltd. with the "import and export excellent manufacturer" stamp certificate.nd was rated as "Top Ten Brands of Electric Curtains", with 7 product patents, and it is well-known in the industry. 2014 In 2014, Jiangsu Billionpraise Technology Co., Ltd. passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. 2013 In 2013, Jiangsu Billionpraise Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Wuxi National High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province, China, specializing in the cold rolling of stainless steel. The company's Phase I plant covers 9400 square meters, mainly producing 200 stainless steel, 300 stainless steel, 400 stainless steel series and corresponding brands, with a width of 600mm and a thickness of 0.08~0.8mm soft and hard cold-rolled stainless steel coils 2010 In 2010, the scale of Jiangsu Head Office was further expanded and settled in the largest stainless steel processing center city in China. 2008 In 2008, Jiangsu Billionpraise Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Jiangsu Province, focusing on surface treatment and strip processing. Our Product Our main product categories are: 304 stainless steel, 304L stainless steel, 201 stainless steel, 202 stainless steel, 309 stainless steel, 310 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel 317 stainless steel, 317L stainless steel, 321 stainless steel, 430 stainless steel, 410s stainless steel, etc. Main surface: BA/2BB/2B/NO 4. We can also customize and process various stainless steel products according to the needs of customers. The annual export volume of the company exceeds 100000 tons. Product Application Stainless and acid-resistant steel is called stainless steel for short. It is composed of stainless steel and acid-resistant steel. In short, the steel that can resist atmospheric corrosion is called stainless steel, and the steel that can resist chemical medium corrosion is called acid-resistant steel. Generally speaking, steels with Cr content greater than 12% have the characteristics of stainless steel. According to the microstructure after heat treatment, stainless steel can be divided into five categories: ferritic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, austenitic-ferritic duplex stainless steel and precipitation hardening stainless steel. In public places, the surface of stainless steel products is often graffiti. But its surface is easy to clean, which is a better place for stainless steel than aluminum. The surface of aluminum is easy to leave traces and difficult to remove. When cleaning stainless steel, follow the texture of stainless steel, because the surface texture of some materials is unidirectional. The main industries in which stainless steel materials are used are: 1. In the field of household appliances, stainless steel used in families is very common, especially in kitchen appliances and household appliances, such as microwave ovens, tableware and washing machines. In life, the bathroom and kitchen are wet and the kitchen is full of lampblack. Therefore, products made of stainless steel should be recommended for these two places because they are not easy to rust. 2. In the field of high-rise water supply, generally the water supply system of high-rise buildings has high working pressure, high tensile strength of stainless steel materials, and little possibility of water leakage due to external reasons. It is the preferred material for the water supply system of high-rise buildings. 3. In the field of energy, the fields involved include wind energy, electricity, nuclear energy and other infrastructure. Stainless steel materials are used in the production of oil production machinery and equipment, as well as platforms and pipelines. 4. In the field of packaging, it is mainly used for packaging and production in the food industry, such as beverage or beer production equipment. The use of this material requires surface treatment in the later stage to ensure the safety and durability of the equipment. 5. Coastal areas. Due to the strong sea breeze and corrosion in coastal areas, stainless steel materials should be selected. 6. In the automobile and transportation industry, using stainless steel materials to make the body structure can greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle and enhance the structural strength of the body. Using stainless steel materials to make the panel and decoration of the vehicle can well reduce the maintenance cost. Because stainless steel has certain strength and ductility, it is often used in vehicle manufacturing, which can not only save energy, but also reduce costs. Many car parts are made of stainless steel. 7. Construction industry. In architectural decoration, stainless steel is currently mainly used to cover the exterior walls, internal and external columns, internal and external decoration of high-rise buildings, as well as handrail, floor, elevator siding, doors and windows, curtain walls and other components. After surface treatment, coloring and electroplating, the stainless steel plate solves the problem of hand print after touching and further expands the application range of stainless steel. 8. Water resources industry: people are increasingly concerned about the pollution of water during storage and transportation. A large number of practices have proved that stainless steel is an important material for water storage, water storage, water transmission, purification and desalination. Its advantages are corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, water saving, sanitation (rust free and green), light weight (1/3 reduction), less maintenance, long service life (40 years service life), low life cycle cost, and recyclable green environmental protection materials. Our Certificate Billionpraise Technology has ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, SGS and other certifications. Production Equipment The factory is equipped with stainless steel processing equipment, including shearing equipment and surface treatment equipment. The equipment is further divided into leveling equipment and slitting equipment. There are also stamping equipment, spot welding machine, numerical control shearing machine, numerical control bending machine, numerical control punch, numerical control planer, water jet, laser cutting machine, spectrometer, stainless steel coloring equipment, etc. Our Service And Quality Assurance Pre-sales: understand customer needs and give corresponding quotations in time During sales: control the product quality and provide the corresponding data in time After-sales: track the whole process of the product, including delivery date, goods transportation and customer feedback on the product after the arrival of the goods. After strict raw material inspection, each process of product processing has been inspected at least several times, and equipped with precision equipment to cooperate in quality inspection.wholesale Hollow Plastic Flashboard website:http://www.billionpraise.com/
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