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زندگی‌نامه: Our History
AgroChina Group is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plant protection products in China. Our group owns the most modern factory, professional R & D test center, and dedicated overseas customer service staffs. We have established a set of service system to provide fullest solution for overseas customers. After more than ten years’development, we, AgroChina, become one of the largest Chinese exporters.
As one of the leading manufacturer of plant protection products in China, we are indulged in establishing the most professional, largest-scale Company, who can supply good quality products with competitive price. Our vision is to become the most famous large-scale plant protection group.
Our Product
120 kinds of products are provided with various packages
Plant growth regulator
Production Market
Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions, like East Asia, Africa, South America, East Asia etc. Customers in more than 10 countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Ghana, and India are leading companies in local market. Meanwhile, we have set up joint ventures companies in Ghana, Russia, etc to better explore local markets.
Our service
Before sales, we offer professional suggestion, middle sale, we update the goods production situation, After sale, we offer after sales service.
AgroChina International always adheres to the principle of Quality First and have a strict inspection and quality control of agrochemical products. Since we love nature and crops, we commit to the career and are responsible for every client and terminal consumer.
1.Our QC department supervises the whole process of production in the factory and status of subpackage and controls the quality of the products strictly.
(1) Setting an annual (or quarterly, monthly) quality goal, quantify the index and collect the specific executing situation.Chlorothalonil pesticide suppliers
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