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زندگی‌نامه: Advantages of groundnut shell removing machine
Peanut shelling machine has the characteristics of small model, simple structure, light weight, easy to move, no complicated installation, high production efficiency, low cost, good shelling and cleaning effect, and convenient use and maintenance. Therefore groundnut shell removing machine is suitable for individual and professional processing users.
Technical information of groundnut shell removing machine:
Rotary drum length90654530
Rotary drum rolling speed220r/min227r/min270r/min305r/min
Capacity1500 kg/h1000 kg/h600 kg/h400 kg/h
Air blower speed1067-1300r/min1064-1194r/min987-1252r/min1712-1561r/min
Screen frequency575/min574/min596/min508/min
Clean rate>98%>98%>98%>98%
Noise<85 DB<85 DB<85 DB<85 DB
Working principle of groundnut shell removing machine:
The peanuts are artificially fed and first fall into the coarse grid. Because of the rubbing force between the rotation of the grid and the concave plate of the fixed grid, the peanut kernels and shells after the peeling and separation of the peanut shells will fall through the grid, and then go through the grid. Through the air duct, most of the peanut shells are blown out of the machine by the action of wind(hand crank peanut sheller), and the peanut kernels and a part of the peanut fruit that have not been peeled fall into the specific gravity sorting sieve. The feed port flows into the sack, and the peanuts (small fruits) that have not been peeled will descend from the screen surface, flow into the elevator from the discharge channel, and then be sent to the fine-grained grid by the elevator for secondary peeling, and then be screened by specific gravity. Select to achieve full peeling.
Preparation before using the groundnut shell removing machine:
1. Connect the 380V three-phase power supply before use, and then start the motor to see if the running direction is consistent with the direction of the indicated arrow. If it is inconsistent, switch any two connectors in the power supply to achieve the same direction as the indicated arrow(peanut shelling equipment).
2. After the test run, if all parts of the machine are running normally and there is no abnormal sound, the material can be put into production.
3. Before feeding into production, first sort the peanuts to be shelled, and separate peanuts of different varieties and sizes (for example, the fruit shapes of Dabaisha and Xiaobaisha are very different), and then determine the use of appropriate specifications. sieve, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the crushing rate(small peanut shelling machine).
4. The peanuts should not be too dry, otherwise they will be brittle. The moisture content should be kept around 9%. Otherwise, the breakage rate will increase. In this case, the water should be damped first, and the material can be put into production after waiting for 4 hours in winter (2 hours in spring).
Requirements for peanuts (peel fruit) of groundnut shell removing machine:
Dry and wet peanuts are suitable, too dry will result in high breakage rate; too wet will affect work efficiency. Peanuts (peels) stored in rural areas are generally dry, and the following methods can be used to make them dry and wet.
1. Before shelling in winter time,please spray about 10kg of warm water on 50kg of peeled fruit evenly, and cover it with plastic film for about 10 hours, and then dry it in the sun for about 1 hour to start shelling(groundnut shell remover). In other seasons, the time to cover with plastic film is 6 hours. left and right, the rest is the same(automatic peanut sheller).
2. You can soak the dry peanuts in a large pool, remove them immediately after soaking and cover them with plastic film for about 1 day, and then dry them in the sun(peanut shell removing machine).Nut Production Line
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