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وب‌ سایت: http://www.chinanoodlemachine.com/
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زندگی‌نامه: stick noodle production line Our History The company was founded in 1975, formerly known as Zhengzhou Mazhai Stick Noodle Machine Manufacturing Factory, and in 2004, it was restructured and reorganized into group company. Our Factory The factory area is more than 300 acres and the plant area exceeds 150,000 square meters. The company has more than 600 highly qualified employees, including over 180 professional engineers and technicians. We have more than 200 sets of machining centers, CNC machine tools, laser cutting and other high-precision end processing equipment. We have grown into a globally serving machine manufacturering enterprise. Our Product The main products including: 1. Stick Noodle Production Line with Capacity of 10T/24H-100T/24H; 2. Fried and Non-fried lnstant Noodle Production Line with Capacity of 120,000pcs/24H-1,000,000pcs/24H; 3. Noodle Leaf (Butterfly Noodle) Production Line; 4. Extruded Stick Noodle Production Line By Multi-Grain Flour; 5. Extruded lnstant Noodle Production Line; 6. Raw (Ripen) Fresh Noodle Production Line; 7. Freeze-dried Noodle Production Line; 8. Extruded Type Dry (Wet) Rice Noodle Production Line; 9. Chowmein (Hakka) Noodle Production Line; 10. Semi-dried Noodle Production Line; 11. Hot-dried Noodle Production Line; 12. Udon Noodle Production Line. Product Application Food processing plants, flour processing factories. Our Certificate Dongfang has passed lSO9001 certification, its main products have obtained the CE international standard certification and more than 40 innovative products have obtained the invention or utility model national patents, leading the technical trend of the noodle machine industry. Production Equipment Besides, there are over 600 highly qualified employees in Dongfang, including more than 180 professional engineers and technicians. With over 200 high-precision processing equipment such as the machining center, CNC machining tools, and laser cutting machines, Dongfang has become a world-serving noodle machine manufacturing enterprise. Production Market Dongfang, the main propellant of Chinese noodle industrialization, has become the main equipment supplier and service provider of the domestic noodle industry, especially the backbone enterprises of noodle products. Over the years, the company's products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions like the United States, Germany, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America etc. The company's strategic thinking and world-serving layout are improving progressively. Our Service Pre-sale service: provide equipment parameters, answer technical questions, design production line drawings, customize perfect solutions for customers, and can arrange a visit to the factory. In-sale service: production equipment, test machine, inspection and delivery. For customers who cannot come to the factory for inspection, we can provide videos and photos of inspection, or confirm through video conference. After-sales service: support engineers to guide installation and debugging overseas, provide production line instruction manual, provide training and guidance to buyers' employees, and the warranty period is one year.stick noodle production line website:http://www.chinanoodlemachine.com/
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