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زندگی‌نامه: 3 Port Circulator 1310nm
OPTICO鈥?s Single Mode (SM) Optic Circulators are non-reciprocating, one directional, three-port devices that are used in a wide range of optical setups and for numerous applications. Our SM optical circulators have a center wavelength of 1064, 1310 (O-Band), or 1550 nm (C-Band). Additionally these SM optical circulators are available unterminated, with FC/PC connectors, or with FC/APC connectors.An optical circulator is analogous to an electronic circulator and both perform similar functions. An optical circulator is a three-port device that allows light to travel in only one direction. A signal entering to Port 1 will exit Port 2 with minimal loss, while a signal entering Port 2 will exit Port 3 with minimal loss. Light entering port 2 experiences a large amount of loss at port 1, and light entering port 3 experiences a large amount of loss at ports 2 and 1. Optical circulators are non-reciprocal devices. This means that any changes in the properties of the light caused by passing through the device are not reversed by traveling in the opposite direction.
Central wavelengtth(nm)1310nmBand Width锛坣m)卤30Max insertion loss(dB)0.8Isolation(dB)鈮?0Direcivity(1-2-3)鈮?0PDL(dB)鈮?.15PMD
Return loss(dB)鈮?0Max Optical Power(mW)鈮?00Operating Relative Humidity5~60%
High isolation
Low insertion loss
Compact construction
High stability and reliability
Meets TelcordiaGR-1209 and GR-1221, meets ROHS standard
100% tested before delivery
DWDM System
Single fiber bidirectional transmission system
Due to the Covid-19,sorry that you and our team couldn't visit each other face to face.In order to make the customers know us more,please visit our VR factory,it is just like you were really standing in our factory.
OPTICO Fiber Assembelies Production Line VR: Sensing System for sale
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