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زندگی‌نامه: Chengdu Julong Non-woven Co., Ltd
Established in 2007, located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Julong promises reasonable price, short production time and satisfactory after sales service. We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to contact us! We specialize in manufacturing and selling polypropylene non-woven fabric, polyester filament fabric, needing non-woven, spun-lace non-woven, SMS non-woven fabric and all kinds of non-woven products and equipment.
We have a spun-bond equipment engineering company, with the most advanced production lines to ensure non-woven products and equipment research and production, our annual output is about 12000 tons. Recent years, with the expansion of the business, our company newly-added the non-woven products, we can produce the different types of non-woven products according the customers'requirements.
Our Factory
Our Products
PP Non-woven Fabric
PLA Non-woven Fabric
PET Non-woven Fabric
SBS Waterproof Membrane
Non-woven Bags
Product Application
PP Non-woven Fabric:
Shopping bags, suits pockets, gifts bags, sofa upholstery, spring-pocket, disposable table cloth, compound packing material, filter material, crop covers, turf protections, fruit packing, seedbed, greenhouse cover, garden covers
PLA Non-woven Fabric:
Shopping bag, Food Packing, Fruit Protective, Insect Farming, Agriculture, Medical, Masks, Diapers.
PET Non-woven Fabric:
1. Household products: cleaner bag, curtain, storage box, simple wardrobe.
2. Packaging: cable cloth, shopping bags, packer materials.
3. Decoration: wall decoration fabric, leather floor, electrostatic flocking fabric.
4. Agriculture: agriculture bumper cloth, crops and plant protection, weed protection belt.
5. Waterproof material: high-grade breathable waterproof material fabric.
6. Industrial applications: filter materials, insulating materials, electrical appliances, reinforcing materials, supporting materials.
7. Car decoration materials.
8. Other: composite film fabric, protective equipment, one-time health materials.
SBS Waterproof Membrane:
House Wrap, concrete construction, roof leaking, underground projects, railway, highways, swimming pool surroun dings, pitched roof, civil roof waterproof, waterproof projects, subway, warehouse, tunnel, bridge, pipes, bathroom, reservoir, roof garden.
Reinforcement, filtration, isolation and drainage of water conservancy, hydropower, roads, railways, embankments, and coastal projects, especially for salt-alkali swamps and landfills.
Non-woven Bags:
Gift bags, rope bags, jewelry bags, perfume bags, pencil bags, shopping bags, promotional bags, training agency bags, advertising bags.
Our Equipments
Our CertificatesChina 4mm APP Waterproof Membrane manufacturers
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