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زندگی‌نامه: Carbon Steel Bearings ;
Also called ‘commercial grade’, carbon steel is not stainless steel in that it instead features a carbon element of up to 2.1% in weight. The higher the carbon content, the stronger the bearing. With this, however, it becomes less ductile, has a lower melting point, and can’t operate large loads or high speeds.

The benefits of using carbon steel bearings include being the cheapest bearing material for use as well as its hardness.

This type of bearing made with carbon is commonly seen in rolling draws, locks, bikes, roller skates, and shopping carts.

Chrome Steel Bearings ;
Another type of steel bearing is the chrome steel bearing ;and it is one of the most prominent types of bearing components and materials due to the affordable costs, high hardness level, and quieter operating volume. Despite what the name might suggest, a chrome steel bearing has a low chromium level within the steel compound.

With this, the benefits of using a chrome steel bearing end with the high hardness, high-load capacity, low decibel, affordable cost, and wide accessibility. However, it requires the maintenance of lubrication and is not resistant to corrosion or chemicals.

As one of the most commonly sourced bearings the bearing supplier in Singapore and around the world, it has a wide range of industry applications. For example, vibrating motor systems, food processing machines, and linear motion components.

Motorcycle Bearing
Large numbers of bearings are used in motorcycles. Actual numbers will vary depending on the model and other structural factors, but a single motorcycle will have between 20 and 30 bearings built in. These bearings are used in key revolving parts, supporting the vehicle's running, including in the engine, the transmission, and the wheels. They help to reduce friction and to ensure that the motive power of the engine is reliably transmitted to the wheels.

The functions demanded of motorcycle bearings ;include facilitating a smooth ride due to low friction and vibration and ensuring durability. These factors have an influence on fuel consumption and safety, things that have a close relationship to our lives. NSK keeps these points in mind in its product development and optimizes design to improve people's lives and protect the global environment.

Motorcycles have become popular all over the world as a convenient means of transportation, and wherever they are found there will always be bearings rotating. People can appreciate NSK bearings and the technologies involved; the bearings are crucial for the pleasant sound of the engine and the smooth, powerful running of the bike. NSK responds to the eternal desire of riders around the globe for an exhilarating but comfortable ride and easy handling, and the company also makes a contribution to motorcycle reliability and safety. NSK continues to pursue smoothness in bearing rotation and paves the way toward a future where everyone will be able to enjoy smoother rides with reduced power losses.
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