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زندگی‌نامه: The coffee mug is sintered from negative ion powder, tourmaline, high-quality clay and other basic materials. The high concentration of negative ions released from the high coffee mug can electrolyze the water to generate negatively charged hydroxide ions, making the macromolecules in the water smaller and enhancing the solubility and penetration of water. Therefore, the drinking water in the coffee mug has a stronger dissolving ability for the beverage, and the beverage effect is better. Pouring water into a coffee cup can increase the activity of water, regulate human endocrine, adjust the balance of yin and yang in the human body, promote metabolism, improve human microcirculation, and have good medical and health care effects on relieving various diseases. There are many kinds of materials for coffee cups, such as pottery, stainless steel, bone china and so on. Porcelain and pottery are both glazed and fired. The texture of pottery is relatively rough and slightly absorbent. If the glaze falls, that part will be easily polluted and cannot be washed off; The bone china cup has good thermal insulation, which can keep the coffee warm in the cup, but the price is very high; the double-layer stainless steel cup has high thermal insulation, durable and will not be worn, and the price is slightly better than that of bone china coffee.

Stainless steel is designed to resist reaction with the weak acids that we use for cooking. Stainless steel tumblers could be used to keep homemade lemonade cold and you can be sure that no reaction will occur. Stainless steel keeps your liquids tasting good and there is no transfer of odor. Stainless steel has long-life properties inherent in it and these properties don't diminish over time or with repeated use. It also features an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, meaning that even very light steel is still very strong, especially when you compare it to alternatives like different grades of aluminum, polystyrene, plastics, or glass. In fact, glass and ceramic containers (which are popular alternatives to steel) are so unstable that they're actually banned in many venues and events for health and safety reasons. Meanwhile, aluminum is susceptible to corrosion and pinhole leaks and bottles made with it typically have interior linings that can disintegrate over time. Petroleum-based plastics easily crack and degrade with repeated uses, washing, and exposure.

Recent discoveries regarding toxic chemicals in drinkware, such as BPA and Phthalates, have set the entire health community buzzing. These toxins are typically found in plastic containers, as well as in the lining of many aluminum bottles. This has made stainless steel the best option for the health-conscious outdoorsman, where insulated cups with lids are popular. Steel is an alloy that's composed of all-natural elements, therefore it's non-toxic and free of nasty elements like BPA, lead, and zinc. These all can lead to conditions like cancer and endocrine disruption. Thanks to its inherent antibacterial and hygienic properties, stainless steel has been widely used in the food and medical industries for years, even in the most critical of sanitary environments. Stainless steel is also non-reactive to acidic beverages and it offers a clean, neutral taste that won't affect the smell or flavor of your drinks. And there are stainless steel wine tumbler, the best way to enjoy your favorite wines. They keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot beverages stay warm for 12 hours or more. The double-walled vacuum insulation prevents condensation on the exterior of the cup so you can easily hold it without getting wet; stainless water bottle, one touch bottle and mini flask as well.

The outdoor jug is a jug carried during outdoor sports. It has become a basic configuration for outdoor enthusiasts because of its durability, safety, reliability, convenience and insurance, and the ability to choose patterns of different colors and styles according to personal preferences. As a tool for carrying water, the kettle has a simple structure and is convenient to carry. This outdoor kettle adopts a double-layer vacuum design, which can keep warm and cold for 24 hours; with a large-capacity design, it is necessary for outdoor sports and family travel; its strap and TPR soft rubber handle are designed to be portable and easy to carry; the design of the cup cover makes It is more convenient to drink water; in addition, you can customize the color and LOGO design.

The soup cup consists of thermos food pot, thermal soup cup & pot, insulated soup pot. It adopts a double-layer vacuum design, which can keep warm and cold, and has an automatic exhaust design, that the lid can be easily opened after loading hot food. Also it can hold various foods such as soup and porridge, and the large diameter is easy to clean; in addition, you can customize the color and LOGO design.
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