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زندگی‌نامه: Our History
In 1989, we started our business in the field of raised access floors with offering OEM service of pedestals and stringers for many local and oversea manufacturers of raised floor. And we start to make access floor panels in the year 2000.

Our Factory
We have 3 factories and 8 workshops, where we producing steel floor system, calcium sulphate floor system, woodcore floor system, GRC floor system and Aluminium floor system.
Our Product
Steel cementitious floors, Calcium sulphate floor, Woodcore floor, GRC floor, Aluminium floor, pedestals and stringers
Product Application
General office, data center, lab,classroom,hotel etc
Our Certificate
TUV test report, ISO9001, ISO14000
Production Equipment
Auto machine of steel floor (2 sets), traditional plant of steel floor and all sets of pedestal plant
Production Market
We OEM pedestals and stringers for some German manufacturers and have a long term cooperation with many southeastern clients
Our service
Before sale, we can design floor system according to the client’s request. During sale, we can make the production and delivery effective and in less cost. After sale, we give 5 year quality warranty for bare floor system and 2 years for laminate floor systemrasied access floors
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