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The headquarter of W.E. Sporting Goods Limited is in Hong Kong and factory is located in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. Huizhou is a famous industrial city with factories and port. Therefore, this complete supply chain makes production procedure conveniently.
The main business includes: 1. Sporting nets, such as tennis net, soccer net, volleyball net, basketball net, baseball net, lacrosse net, pickle ball net, softball net, golf net, practice nets and child use nets; 2. Other netting & nets, such as divider net, windscreen, backdrop netting and fence net; 3. Accessories like sport goal, post and rack.
Founded in 2006, W.E. is featured with its product quality and guest service. Through 12 years operation, we are sophisticated with high quality sporting net production and manufacture via skilled workers and strict quality management system. We are suppling sporting goods to many world famous sporting companies for years and have received lots of positive feedbacks in terms of the quality and service. Therefore, with many years business cooperations, we are familiar with and have ability to fulfil high standard requirements.
Besides rich good production and manufacture experience, W.E. is focus on guest service. We do the best to reach every guest’s demands and devote to build and maintain a long-term corporation relationship with guests.

China 4" X 2.5" Pop Up Soccer Goal manufacturers
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